Best Places to Stay in St Lucia: Saba villa

Saba villa is owned and managed by Janus Gyan. Born and raised in Saint Lucia’s beautiful town, Soufrière, the entire experience felt personal and special. From the first conversation I had with Janus, it became abundantly clear how much he loved this island and his properties. He wanted us to truly understand and experience what it means to be Lucian and live on the island.

Saba villa overlooks the charming streets of the old town, the beautiful Piton mountains and the Atlantic ocean. Every morning we woke up to the sounds of the nearby cockerel and a view that took our breath away. On our last morning, I sleepily walked downstairs and made myself a cup of coffee. I sat outside and marvelled as the town woke up with me. Locals begin their commute to the surrounding resorts, the neighbours’ goat ate away at the same grass patch it did the day before. And I assume, just like me, there was a tourist somewhere marvelling at the beauty of this place.

You see, the incredibly magical thing about Soufrière is that I didn’t meet one tourist during my stay. I did, however, meet Jamal. He worked in the tourism industry and was impressively knowledgeable on everything about this town. I also met Tarik, who, although somewhat shy, was incredibly kind and helped keep us alive when we hiked up Petit Piton mountain (743 m high). And Ramsay, a chef of 36 years, passionate about food, proud of growing and cooking for others with crops straight from his garden.

Saba villa is, no doubt, an architectural triumph. Every room is fully equipped with smart TVs, air conditioning and high-speed Wi-Fi. The modern design with a freshwater infinity pool overlooking the Piton mountains will make you want to call this place home. But far more remarkable were the people who came with it: no big corporations, no third parties. Saba villa is Saint Lucia.

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